Haley Rosen, CEO and Founder of Just Women’s Sports, joined us for our most recent #exceltogether Speaker Series to discuss how her firsthand experiences as an athlete opened her eyes to the lack of coverage and information surrounding women’s sports, the importance of cultivating genuine fandom rather than seeking mere allyship, and why it is “go time” for the growth of women sports at all levels.

Haley played soccer at Stanford University and the professional level before injuries forced her to retire early. Since then, she has become a trailblazer for increasing the visibility and recognition of women’s sports, launching Just Women’s Sports in 2020 – an Instagram account focused on sharing clips, stats, and other content related to women’s amateur and professional sports. Through her and her team’s dedication and hard work, the account quickly gained traction, expanded its reach, and successfully tapped into the next generation of fans, particularly Gen Z with an audience of both men and women looking to consume content.

Under Haley’s leadership, Just Women’s Sports has grown into a multi-media platform posting content for its massed of followers across Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and a standalone website justwomenssports.com. They have successfully built a robust media presence centered around women’s sports, with an emphasis on soccer and basketball, including the NWSL, WNBA, NCAA women’s basketball, and the US Women’s National Soccer Team. While their focus remains on these sports, they also have a keen interest in promoting other sports in the future.

With the current momentum in women’s sports, Haley believes the time is now to accelerate growth and seize opportunities. Looking ahead, Haley envisions sustainable interest in women’s sports, focusing on promoting the excitement, competition, and unique personalities within the game. She particularly sees growth opportunities in content distribution, merchandising, and capitalizing on the increased appetite for women’s sports.

Haley’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. She was named to both Forbes’ 30 Under 30 and SBJ’s New Voices Under 30, highlighting her exceptional leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. Despite facing numerous challenges, such as skeptics on the interest in women’s sports, Haley brought forth data and evidence to prove the audience’s demand for such content.

Her journey as a former athlete, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering dedication, has positioned Haley as a leading figure in this field. Through Just Women’s Sports, she is transforming the landscape, changing the narrative, and creating a more equitable and inclusive future.

The #exceltogether Speaker Series is a quarterly event featuring influential people who are making an impact in shifting the culture around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion across sports and entertainment.