Award-winning reporter and documentary filmmaker, Priya Desai, joined us for a conversation on the importance of inclusive workspaces and shared her first-hand experiences as a woman of color working in sports.

Priya began her career working as a stringer for the New York Post, followed by a decade-long career in reporting for NY1. She is currently a digital correspondent for Sports Illustrated, covering the intersection of sports, race and politics. Her passion for sports and culture has empowered her to tell meaningful stories that tend to fly under the radar. It is Priya’s goal to continue to tell these underreported stories and encourage others to make them part of the structure of every newsroom. As the proud founder and committee member of the SI Union, she looks to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion are not only part of the news coverage, but also core tenets within the newsroom. The SI Union is a group that promotes an inclusive atmosphere within the newsroom and beyond its corporate office walls.

What was Priya’s advice to us? Communicate. She preached the importance for people from different generations to connect and communicate, to understand one another in order to make progress. It is the model she used to pitch the SI Union to executives at Sports Illustrated and it is how she uses social media to connect with her followers, amplifying her voice as a woman of color in sports. Priya dedicates a lot of time mentoring young, ambitious students entering the communications field, and she encourages others to invest in the next generation in order to make a positive change in workplace culture.

The #exceltogether speaker series is a quarterly event featuring influential people who are making an impact in shifting the culture around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion across sports and entertainment.