We have kicked off the new year with another exciting speaker series titled #exceltogther. This quarterly speaker series event will feature influential people who are making an impact in shifting the culture around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion across sports and entertainment.

For our first #exceltogether speaker series event, Team Excel rallied together via Zoom for a conversation with social entrepreneur and impact executive, Halleemah Nash, to discuss the importance of creating an inclusive workplace. Born and raised in Compton, CA, Halleemah spoke about the challenges, life lessons and blessings she received from her journey which led her from Compton, to the prestigious HBCU Howard University, and then into the corporate world.

Halleemah embraced every step along the way, and now spends her time coaching young people of color how to be successful while carving out their own pathways into the corporate world. The conversation was not limited to advancing the lives of people of color in the workplace, but also encouraging their ally colleagues to understand the importance of an inclusive atmosphere that harnesses teamwork and collaboration, rather than segregation and hate.

Together as a company, we maintain a safe environment for all our employees, regardless of age, race, gender identity, ethnicity, political affiliation or sexual orientation. We are Team Excel! #exceling