Roster Moves: Deebo Samuel

Welcome to the Excel family Deebo Samuel!

Roster Moves: Jess Sims

Welcome to the Excel family Jess Sims!

Roster Moves: Thomas Pieters

We’re excited to welcome Thomas Pieters back to the team! 

Roster Moves: Yealimi Noh

We are very excited to welcome Yealimi Noh to the Excel Family!

Roster Moves: John Augenstein

Can we get a golf clap for the latest addition to our elite roster of talent? We are very excited to welcome John Augenstein to the team!

Roster Moves: Trevor Lawrence

We are incredibly proud to welcome Trevor Lawrence to our elite roster of talent and excited to represent him in all his off-field marketing and endorsement endeavors.

Roster Moves: Robert Neal

While Excel is typically known for representing athletes throwing down alley-oops, the agency recently signed a new client that’s better known for his ollies.

Roster Moves: Kirk Cousins

Two-time Pro Bowler Kirk Cousins has chosen Excel to handle his off-field marketing portfolio.

Roster Moves: Justin Herbert

One of the most highly touted quarterbacks in the 2020 NFL Draft class selected Excel for strategic guidance and endorsement portfolio development as he set out on his professional career.

Roster Moves: Ryan Yarbrough

Ryan Yarbrough joined the Excel family ahead of the 2020 MLB season.