We gave “trending hashtag” a whole new meaning when SVP and Head of Basketball Marketing Colleen Garrity and Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum joined Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks for a virtual discussion during Hashtag Sports LIVE—one of the leading sports conferences in the game. As sports executives, marketers and fans watched from home, the group on the Brand Content and Engagement panel talked through the various ways players have connected with fans during the league suspension, collaborative brand partnerships, and the Black Lives Matter Movement. Questions from Rooks sparked meaningful conversations as Garrity and McCollum both talked through the importance of connecting with fans, especially during the challenging times amid a global pandemic and the fight for social justice. #exceling

“The biggest thing we look for is authenticity, guys who like a product or a brand and what they stand for—I think you’re seeing that become more and more important, making sure that guys really align with the overall mission of the company…”

Colleen Garrity, SVP Marketing, Excel Sports Management