You know you’ve built a brand in New York when they light the Empire State Building in honor of your retirement.

Empire State Building to honor Eli Manning on Saturday.

From Eli’s whimsical sense of humor to his philanthropic work and game-changer mentality, he set the bar high for athletes under the New York spotlight. Stirling is a seasoned vet herself, with years of experience in the sports marketing industry.

Eli came together with Excel’s own Stirling Eads, SVP, Marketing, to chat about athlete brand building during an event hosted by Clio Sports and Bleacher Report titled “The New Sports Marketing Playbook.” There was plenty to talk about given Eli’s latest efforts to build his brand with a partnership with Frank’s RedHot.

As part of the event, Eli was awarded the 2020 Honorary Clio Sports Award for his personal brand development throughout his career. He will look to maintain this reputation, as he works with Stirling and the Excel team to build his post-career marketing portfolio. #exceling