Excel’s Statement on Racial Injustice:

We stand by the statement we’ve made in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. We are part of the conversations and, ultimately, part of the solution as we continuously aim to create positive change – not only within our office, but as part of the community that we are all a part of.

We have taken active steps to make sure we are part of the solution to foster understanding, inclusion and equality not only in our workplace, but in our industry as a whole.

  • A new employee resource group, Black At Excel (BAE), was formed uniting the Black members of our family to provide support and reinforce a collaborative and powerful voice as part of this company.
  • We have officially made Juneteenth a holiday, as part of the Excel Sports Management holiday calendar. All employees will be encouraged to take this day off and listen, learn and love as we all strive to get better together. This year, we hosted a virtual viewing of the documentary “13th” – a film that explores the history of racial inequality in the United States.
  • An employee-led Diversity and Inclusion Committee was instituted to identify and implement programs to accelerate company growth in the areas of education, recruitment, philanthropy and training.
  • Our new virtual internship program, which started this fall, is geared to provide access for those in underrepresented communities and includes a stipend to make it a realistic opportunity across the socioeconomic spectrum.